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Lilly Gray Corbett has just graduated from medical school and decided to accept an internship in the coal camp of Skip Rock, Kentucky. Her beau, Paul, is doing his residency in Boston and can’t understand why Lilly would choose to work in a backwater town. But having grown up in the mountains, Lilly is drawn to the stubborn, superstitious people she encounters in Skip Rock—a town where people live hard and die harder and where women know their place. Lilly soon learns she has a lot to overcome, but after saving the life of a young miner, she begins to earn the residents’ trust.

As Lilly becomes torn between joining Paul in Boston and her love for the people of Skip Rock, she crosses paths with a handsome miner—one who seems oddly familiar. Her attraction for him grows, even as she wrestles with her feelings and wonders what he’s hiding.

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I got this book by Tyndale rewards and it was amazing.

Lilly Gray Corbett decided to take an internship in Skip Rock, Kentucky. Her fiancee was not so sure she should accept the internship. His main concern was it was in a coal mine camp with harsh conditions very unlike Boston. Lily was not taken as seriously in her profession as a man would have been. She had been raised in the Kentucky mountains under similar conditions, so she was not sure how she felt about his reaction to her going to Skip Rock. Although she knew she would miss him dearly and would write him often. When she arrives in Skip Rock it is a shock to the residents because they were expecting a male physician. She knew ahead of time this would be a problem just like it would have been anywhere she went to practice her profession. She just hoped she could earn their trust. Joe, one of the miners, tried to avoid the new doctor even though he was so drawn to her that he watch her every move. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Would he be able to hide his true identity from her? How was it possible that she was really here? I really enjoyed this book, it was like reading about a family friend. I read several of the author's other books that have connection with this book. There was plenty to keep my attention it has suspense, action packed, and a possible love connection. The author writes of the conditions that existed in the camp which all came back to the importance for a doctor like Lily that actually cared about the miners and their families well being. I am looking forward to reading the author's next book, TATTLER'S BRANCH to be released in September 2013. I highly recommend this book. I rated this book 5 out of 5. Disclosure: I chose this book from Tyndale Rewards. I was in no way compensated for this review. This is my honest opinion.

I fell in love with the Troublesome Creek series a long time ago. I read the books as they were relesed, so I would wait (impaitently) for the next one to come out. I didn't know, however that there were two new books in the series(Still House Pond and Slip Rock Shallows) until I had loaned the series out to a friend and she found the last two on line and bought them!!! So when she returned the series to me she gave me the latest two as a gift. I couldn't put them down...I love the characters in the story line...I grew up on the banks of Troublesome Creek in Knott County Ky and I'm so proud of that. I'm so greatful to the author for sharing our mountian heritage with the world in such a positive and Godly way. May God richly bless you Ms. Watson