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Jack Reynolds has uncovered ancient secrets at a great cost. Now he must unleash the truth with the help of his crew: Vince, Tim, Amina, and the chosen one, Emma.

Jack is the only one who can wield the power of Eden’s Star, but can he control it before it destroys him? Badly weakened by the compass and hunted by powerful dark forces across international cities and secret realms, Jack and his crew are desperate to find him a healer. But when new enemies emerge to test the team’s loyalties, the search for the Cherub’s ancient artifacts intensifies.

Fighting against her own heartbreak, Emma struggles to stop the Merikh from capturing innocent Cherub and stealing their powers for their own sinister schemes. As the truth of a haunting prophecy is revealed, and an ally turns to the dark side, Jack and Emma must decide together if trusting a narrow path is worth the sacrifice.

Dive into this heart-pounding sequel to the supernatural thriller Hunt for Eden’s Star.
  • Fast-Paced Short Chapters
  • Multiple POVs
  • A Global Chase through China, Pakistan, and Invisible Realms
  • Warring Supernatural Factions of Good and Evil
  • Angels, Demons, and Lightforcer Characters
  • Intriguing YA Fantasy Mystery
  • Themes of Found Family, Self-Worth, Trusting a Higher Power
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  • Hunt for Eden’s Star
  • Secrets of the Highlands
Praise for the Beacon Hill series

“A blistering, high-stakes, fast-paced supernatural thriller that’s impossible to put down.” —Ryan Steck, author of Fields of Fire

“Fast-paced action and a rich setting boost the beginning of a promising paranormal saga.” —Kirkus Reviews on Hunt for Eden’s Star

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