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How does science enhance faith? Is God relevant in an age of science? Science and Faith: Student Questions Explored investigates the relationship between science and Christianity in a series of thoughtful and accessible articles written by experts.

Chosen from InterVarsity’s Emerging Scholars Network blog, each chapter addresses common faith- and science-related questions. In part one, Science and Faith delves into why Christians should pursue scientific discovery, as well as the Bible’s viewpoint on scientific method and inquiry. Part two begins the conversation on the direct relevance of science to faith and how Christian scientists can talk to their colleagues about their faith, while part three discusses how conversations about science can take place between Christians. Finally, part four explores the history of science and the church and the question “How can the history of science encourage the church?”

While ideal for graduate students who are exploring their faith and their chosen scientific fields, this book can also be used in church settings or as a personal resource. The book provides questions to launch small group conversation about faith/science, whether you’re a science PhD, a ministry leader, or an interested layperson. Since each reading is based on questions from real students, it may also be a resource for Christian faculty teaching the sciences.

Contributors include Ruth Bancewicz, Gerald Rau, Greg Cootsona, Andy Walsh, and more.

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