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With pictures, charts, maps, time lines, and a clear and outlined format, this introduction to the Book of Acts helps you explore the key people, places, and stories of the first Christians and Early Church. Packed with helpful resources, Rose Guide to the Book of Acts includes:
  • Overview of Acts: author, date, outline, summary, themes, history
  • Life and missionary journeys of the apostle Paul
  • A to Z guide of who’s who in the book of Acts
  • Maps for Paul’s journeys, Philip’s travels, the world of the first Christians, and more
  • Timeline of the early church: AD 1–100
  • The Holy Spirit in the life of the Early Church
  • And more!

There are hundreds of key people, events, and places within the Book of Acts, so how can you cover all of them in their first century contexts? The Rose Guide to the Book of Acts provides visual aids, charts, maps, and timelines to help you not only understand but see key concepts at a glance! See how the stories in the book of Acts speak to our modern-day church, missionary work, and the spiritual lives of Christians today.

Perfect for individual study, small groups, young adult and youth groups, church libraries, homeschool, and more!

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