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Romans—13 lessons to deepen our understanding of the Christian faith. Whether you are teaching a class, leading a small group, or just looking for a challenging personal study, Life Application Bible Studies are for you. With thought-provoking questions, complete lesson format, the full text from the Bible, and the most extensive commentary available in a Bible-study booklet, these study guides gives you everything you need to understand God’s Word and apply it to your life. Ideal for those looking for an application oriented approach to Bible study. Each title contains the following:
  • An in-depth examination of the Bible book(s) in 13 lessons.
  • The full NLT text and Life Application notes for the book(s) covered.
  • Study notes that are easy to use and understand, covering background, history, geography, and culture.
  • Charts, maps, and profiles of Bible characters that present biblical truths in unique and helpful ways.
  • Special application questions at the end of each lesson to help you map out your personal action plan.
  • Everything you need for study in one place.

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6.5 x 9.188 in.

Exclusive Preview

Do you have answers to the questions in this study? For example, in Lesson 3 "Not Guilty!", what is the answer to this question: If there is not a single righteous person, what difference does it make that some are less sinful than others? THANK YOU!!