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I remember that promise to J. B. like it was yesterday.

After losing his mom at age ten, Matthew Redd found a new home in Montana with J. B. Thompson—a man who knew the value of hard work and simple living. J. B. didn’t have much reason to celebrate Christmas before becoming Redd’s dad but threw himself into building traditions, including a tree, a few practical gifts, and the essential holiday movies: A Christmas Story and Die Hard.

Eight years later, Redd realizes this is the last Christmas he’ll spend at the ranch with his dad before heading off to join the Marines. He impulsively promises J. B. that even if they can’t be together on Christmas Eve, he’ll call every year without fail.

It’s a promise Redd keeps until the year his squadron is called in to assist when a nearby Special Forces team comes under enemy fire. The Marines’ mission is to secure the scene and evacuate the wounded, but soon after their arrival, they realize the initial attack was only the first wave. Before long, Redd and his team are outmanned and outgunned. With the clock ticking down, he begins to wonder if this is the year he’ll have to break his promise . . . or if he’ll make it out alive.
  • A Christmas story for men who love military thrillers.
  • Contemporary Christmas novella
  • Prequel to Fields of Fire

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