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Practical advice for healing and repairing broken trust and relationships.
A best friend who undermines you.
A partner’s infidelity.
A coworker that sabotages you or your workplace.
A relative who steals from your family.

Intimate betrayal strikes at the core of our capacity to trust and love, crushing the fundamental expectation that gives us the courage to connect deeply—the belief that the person we love wouldn’t hurt us. Whether the betrayal is through infidelity, emotional abuse, verbal aggression, or domestic violence, the psychological wound that cuts deepest is the perception that, ultimately, the person we love doesn’t care about our well-being.

So how can we heal from these wounds and even rebuild trust after betrayal? God provides the strength, guidance, and peace to overcome your current heartache and regain joy. And this handbook can help you do the hard work to walk on that path to healing.

Quickly Find the Information You Need on Repairing Relationships
In this handbook, you will learn:
  • What to do when someone has betrayed your trust, or when you have betrayed the trust of someone else
  • How to decide whether or not to repair the relationship and 10 daily steps to do so 3 essential elements of reconciliation
  • And more
4 Key Features of This Christian Counseling Book on Healing Broken Trust
Using real-life stories, biblical suggestions, proven tips, and practical steps that you can take today, Dr. Gregory Jantz will help you heal from broken trust or relationships. Enjoy having these key features:
  1. Simple summaries and easy-to-understand explanations
  2. Practical steps backed by science and by scripture
  3. Charts that show key information at a glance
  4. Relatable stories that show you how to apply its truth to your life
Dr. Gregory Jantz takes you step by step through how to rebuild trust after betrayal. The same healing grace that knits broken bones and restores us to strength after illness is well able to reconcile wounded hearts and renew love for one another. Trust God to guide you through the work of rebuilding trust and you will not only survive, but will go on to thrive.

Perfect for:
  • Group and individual use
  • Church library
  • To hand to a friend
  • Biblical and pastoral counseling

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