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Sheridan Montgomery leads a charmed life as the wife of Eliot, U.S. ambassador to Venezuela. But an attack on their lives cripples Eliot, and they retreat to a remote Mexican village. As Sheridan quietly cares for her husband, she sees her dreams slipping away. Luke Traynor shatters their reverie when he arrives to tell Sheridan of her father’s heart attack and the evidence implicating him in a conspiracy. Sheridan returns to Chicago to untangle the web of her father’s past and is forced to confront her feelings for Luke, a trail of deceit, and the truth about her marriage.

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I just finished reading this book and was captivated by it. The characters seem like real, flawed people who just want to do what's right but are thrust into the middle of a situation that seems impossible. The setting is a small, cozy town in Mexico. It's an intriguing story and I loved the characters... well, most of them. The main character, Sheridan, is living with a husband who is not at all the man she married and finds herself in love with someone else. The reader really doesn't know what choice she'll make until she actually makes it. A poignant, touching read.