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Families fight—it’s part of the reality we face in a fallen world. What can we do about it?

In this guide, discover a wealth of advice and resources for reconciliation, all with a scriptural basis for being a peacemaker in your home.

Basic conflict-resolution skills found in Scripture can help you change your home from a battle zone to a love nest. Distinguishing between positive and negative conflict resolution, Peacemaking for Families introduces you to valuable biblical principles and easy-to-remember truths such as:
  • The seven As of confession
  • The four promises of forgiveness
  • Knowing when and how to confront
  • Learning to listen
  • The PAUSE principle of negotiation
  • What to do when the other party is in denial
  • How to know when it is time to seek outside help
  • Real-life stories and case studies

“Learning to be a peacemaker will help you guard your family from destructive conflict, deepen your love and intimacy with your spouse, and provide your children with a solid foundation for life. Most importantly, you can provide the world with a compelling witness to Jesus Christ’s reconciling power.” —Ken Sande, author and founder of Peacemaker Ministries

There’s hope for reconciliation at home. Within both marriage and other family relationships, Peacemaking for Families will help you navigate all forms of conflict in family life.

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