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Discover the true power of the ballot
The vast majority of Americans feel that our nation is moving in the wrong direction. Yet, in the last presidential election, more people did not vote than voted for either candidate.

We, the people, must realize we hold the power through our one vote. if we do not exercise that power, we have no right to complain!

In One Vote, Dr. Ben Carson makes an urgent, nonpartisan, and unbiased plea for every American citizen to exercise the power of their vote in every election. This convenient and easy-to-use book will give you everything you need to become an informed voter. After reading this book, you will know how to:
  • ask the right questions about candidates, parties, and voting records;
  • find the candidates and political parties that coincide with your values; and
  • determine how your own senator and congressman have voted in the past.
One Vote can help you make sure your voice is heard.

BEN CARSON, MD, raised by a poor single mother in Detroit, recently retired from a groundbreaking career at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. Now a Washington Times columnist and FOX News contributor, he is the author of two #1 New York Times bestsellers, America the Beautiful and One Nation, both with his wife, CANDY CARSON, as his collaborator.

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