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Every new mom experiences a myriad of emotions—joy, love, the frightening, yet terrific reality that you are now responsible for a tiny little dependent. And in the midst of all these emotions—and burpings, feedings, diaper changes, and quick naps—moms need to be reminded of God’s awesomeness. In this gift-like book, new mom and best-selling author Sarah Arthur writes about how delivering her son three weeks early reminds her of God’s timing, how her trip home from the hospital with her newborn son tucked away in his car seat points to God being in control even when she is fearful, and how a mom’s concern over friendly strangers touching her young child in the grocery store also reminds her that people are sent to help. In a fresh and contemplative style, Arthur sits alongside Mom and helps her understand that God is in control . . . even when her life feels drastically out of control. This devotional will be a great companion for Mom during the small amount of time she gets to sit and be still and think of the truths of God’s word, while relating it to her new favorite subject—her baby.

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Wonderfully honest, real, entertaining... not at all your average overly-fluffy devotional! For example, check out this excerpt from the Mommy Time Devotional, Day 2: Total Strangers: When my son is handed to me for the first time, I feel the sudden dissonance of greeting a stranger I thought I knew before. It's like a blind date with someone you've only read about online. Nothing about his features is familiar, but then he'll make a move and I think, "Ahaha! That's just like him. That's the kick he used to give to my liver. In the middle of the author's honesty and overwhelmedness, God is there. If you've read any of my devotionals, you know I find the most fulfillment in writing just that way. This author is a woman after my own heart. She's written a very encouraging, not to mention entertaining, read. I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of devotionals. They usually end up seeming contrived, too brief for substance, and quite dull. This one is the total opposite of my low expectations. I look forward to reading more from Sarah Arthur! If you're a new mommy, a mom of young children, or will be soon, I highly recommend this book! I also recommend it as the perfect baby shower gift.