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We all want to feel energized, optimistic, and fulfilled each day, thankful for the meaningful people and activities in our lives. Yet many people lack this kind of joy and vitality. Why? One major reason is they have not made peace with their past.

Often people carry pain from past troubled relationships into their current relationships. They are weighed down by shame that toxic people once tried to put on them. Or they hold on to mistakes and failures, never able to forgive themselves. Either way, they struggle to find the freedom that God offers.

Make Peace with Your Past offers essential principles and practical steps for moving beyond these painful experiences. Dr. Gregory Jantz takes readers from hurt to healing by exploring the power of forgiving others and themselves, accurately seeing themselves as God does, living fully in the moment with him, and allowing “the upward call of God in Christ Jesus” to define their future (Philippians 3:14, ESV).

The past may have been disappointing or it may have been disastrous—but when we make peace with those circumstances, our present and future can be better than we ever imagined.

Dr. Gregory L. Jantz is the author of over forty-five books, the host of the national Hope & Possibility podcast, a regular contributor to Psychology Today, and a popular keynote speaker. He is a leader in holistic treatment. Under Dr. Jantz’s leadership, “The Center: A Place of HOPE” is among the top ten facilities in the United States for the treatment of depression.

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