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God Made You for Resurrection Life
Work. Food. Friendship. Does Jesus’ Resurrection mean something for them? Eugene Peterson answers with a resounding YES.

Dive deep with Peterson into the Gospel stories of the Resurrection. Experience the wonder through the eyes of the biblical witnesses. Discover how the practices and perspectives of resurrection life transform your daily job, your daily meals, and your daily relationships.

Peterson’s contemplations will move you from Easter Sunday to resurrection life. Living the Resurrection is perfect for reading and discussing with a group, where you can begin to share life—life to the full—the way God intended it.

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5 x 7 in.

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Eugene Peterson is a man on whom God’s wonder is not lost. Thanks to his pen, not even a day passes that I don’t read and sigh, I never thought of it that way.

Make it real. Make it possible. That was Eugene’s way, in everything he did. Here, he guides us into the most important power of Christian experience—finding the resurrection life of Jesus available to each of us, every day. You will love this.

Eugene Peterson’s Living the Resurrection is a great gift—inspiring a major shift from understanding the Resurrection as an event to experiencing it as a practice we can engage in every day. And the result of practicing resurrection is no less than our transformation into the image of Christ! My heart soared in reading this work that connects dots that so desperately need to be connected; I am confident yours will as well!

As spiritual formation bids to become a fad among contemporary evangelicals, Eugene Peterson’s Living the Resurrection offers an alternative path rooted in wonder and gives results that are more than cosmetic.

In this work, the Resurrection ceases to be an abstract idea and is released again to be a force of wonder and fear that shapes our practice and life.

Living the Resurrection: The Risen Christ in Everyday Life has had a profound influence on my ministry and writing. Peterson is among the few who write about the Resurrection in the present tense—as a reality for us to live into and experience in the here and now. I’m grateful for this summons to not just believe but experience the center of our faith—today.

Our love for the Lord of glory will surely swell to new heights thanks to the wondrous faith displayed in this book that at once instructs and inspires. May our reading of Eugene Peterson’s heartfelt reflections be an Easter treat all year long.

Eugene Peterson is a master interpreter of Scripture, a master teller of tales, and in this book, a master practitioner of resurrection. Peterson enables the Easter faith to become a vivid reality.