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Through personal stories and scriptural principles, author Marilyn Hontz brings new insight to the practice of listening as a spiritual discipline. She discusses “Recognizing God's Voice While Reading Scripture,” “Recognizing God's Voice While Praying,” and “Recognizing God's Voice While Listening” and provides practical suggestions for cultivating a two-way conversation with God.

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For decades I have started journaling my time with God, and each time I would start out strong and then something would take my time and it would get left till last or not at all. This cycle has been ongoing for so long. Then I read Listening for God, and it really spoke to me about my dedication, increasing my desire. And I really want to start my day with God and continue my day with God. He has increased my desire to fellowship and listen to him.

Just a note to let you know how much Listening for God has changed how I live out my relationship with Christ. I meet with him daily (mostly!) to listen for His voice to let me know how to proceed with a decision or conversation, or just to enjoy him throughout the day. . . .

Dear Mrs. Hontz, I’ve nearly finished reading your wonderful book Listening for God and have been overcome with the feeling that I need to write you. I’ve never considered trying to write to an author until now. But I feel led by God to thank you for your obedience to God in writing your book. It has helped me so much. Every word of your book expresses that you have a deep love for our Heavenly Father and that He also loves you. Somehow your words also conveyed that God loves me too! I needed to hear that so much and finally believe it. . . .

Dear Marilyn, Thank you so much for listening to God and writing the book. Bless you as you continue to seek God’s leading in everything you do and encouraging so many to listen to God speak to each of us.

Dear Marilyn, I praise God for you and your willingness to use your gifts to further His kingdom. Listening for God radically changed my prayer life. . . . God helped me rearrange my priorities, and guess what? I found the time to meet with God, and it’s now the best part of my day. I look forward to it. . . .