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Is the universe more than just a cosmic accident? Is there more to life than the daily grind? Is it possible you have a divine purpose?

Yes, yes and yes. Everything around us is striking evidence that God exists, that he once appeared in human form, spoke to us directly and made us for a specific purpose. Wherever you are in life –whether you’re a person of faith, a skeptic or something else – this book is an invitation to find and embrace the radiant, resilient, relevant person you were created to be.

From three-time Emmy Award winner, bestselling author, and former ABC News science editor Dr. Michael Guillen, comes Let Creation Speak!, a book of fascinating and inspiring daily essays that explore the astonishing scientific facts about the universe in a fresh new way, including these topics:
  • The infinite size of the universe
  • Unusual numbers we see in nature
  • A sperm whale’s super-powerful voice
  • Symbiotic relationships that make coral beds possible
  • The wily, carnivorous Venus flytrap
  • The bird with the longest wingspan–the wandering albatross
Let Creation Speak! is a 100-day adventure designed to rescue you from the monotony and smallness of everyday life. To change you, radically and permanently. Journey alongside Dr. Guillen and starting right now let God and his creation speak directly to you!

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