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“Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould” (Romans 12:2, Phillips). Once we’ve committed ourselves to following Jesus, the pressure to fit in can become enormous. But as Mike Frost shows us in Keep Christianity Weird, the hallmark of our faith is being different. Jesus was never mainstream. Read this book and be equipped to resist the allure of acceptability, and be equipped to surprise the world with the good news it didn’t even know it was waiting for.

Christianity is, as always, at a crossroads: How do we navigate the ever-changing culture we find ourselves in and continue to win people to Christ without sacrificing our distinct character as the people of God? Michael Frost draws from the city movements—from “Keep Austin Weird” to “Keep Colorado Springs Lame”—to propose how we can lean in to the uniqueness of the Christian story in ways that are surprising and winsome to those outside the faith.

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