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Joyous Faith: The Key to Aging with Resilience is beloved author Michele Howe’s newest resource for Christian women. It offers practical advice and spiritual encouragement to Christian women who are passing through the middle of life.

During the midlife season, women may find themselves feeling unmoored or untethered; and often unsure of what this season of life (and the next) will be like for them. How does one maintain a passion for life? How can you adventurously navigate the unique challenges that only middle-aged women face? Joyous Faith is all about learning to navigate this uncertain season between midlife and old age with a robust faith, a sure hope, and a passion for life (even as bodies weaken and emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges continue to arise). Thirty chapters written in true “Michele” style contain encouraging Bible passages and relatable real-life accounts, as well as practical guidance, sample prayers, a “take-away action thought,” and suggestions for stepping out in faith.

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