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In Intimate Allies, counselor Dan Allender and theologian Tremper Longman III merge their minds and skills to strip away cultural expectations and takes a fresh look at God's design for the marriage relationship. The authors focus on five foundations taken from Genesis 1-3 and include an extensive review of other biblical passages on marriage. Each section begins with a real-life story concerning an unresolved marriage issue and concludes with the same story built on the “foundation” of a godly marriage. With eloquence and wisdom, Intimate Allies will challenge readers to move their marriages out of the mundane and into the fulfilling and enriching experiences God intended.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

This is hands-down my favorite book on marriage. I frequently recommend it to friends and family. It offers so much more than the usual 'improve your marriage' advice, and provides excellent, biblically based wisdom about the purpose of marriage and our responsibility to our spouses.