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Product Description

Here leading pastors offer specific guidance from both personal and biblical perspectives on themes of vision, desire, integrity, emotions, and transformation. In so doing, the contributors show that the ability to inspire people through preaching flows from one thing: leading them into the presence of Christ. The writers in this book share the bounty of decades of experience to help pastors do just that by delivering more effective and inspirational sermons. Each of the following chapters focuses on an important element of this most important form of preaching, including...

  • The Biggest idea in Preaching
  • Authentic Inspiration
  • 5 Veins of Deep Preaching
  • Preaching with wonder

Interpretation and Application
How does one best make ancient biblical texts pertinent to the 21st Century listener, while still maintaining the integrity of the Scriptures? Interpretation and Applications designed to provide guidance on how to interpret and apply God's word honestly and accurately in a sermon.

Sermon Preparation
On top of all the responsibilities that comprise their vocation, pastors must write sermons that are original, insightful, useful, challenging, and comforting--once a week. Sermon Preparation explores the art and craft of sitting down to a blank page and writing a message that nourishes and speaks truth to the listener. Every chapter, written by an expert in the field, provides insights and techniques that are the result of years of sermon preparation.

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