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Have you ever been absolutely fired up for God? Have you felt fully sold out for Him and promised Him that your life would never be the same again?

Too often, these overwhelming, energizing, thrilling feelings don’t last. We attend high-energy events and impassioned church services that leave us feeling so overcome and in love with God. But a few days go by, and we fall back into living our lives just like before. We assume a plateaued relationship with God is normal and that a life of on-fire faith is only possible in certain situations. Jonni Nicole Parsons understands this disconnect all too well.

In her debut book, Ignited, Jonni explores what we need to change in our quest for a sustainable passionate faith. Using Scripture and her own personal journey, Jonni will empower you to:
  • Keep your fire for God alive, despite unavoidable feelings of anxiety and fear
  • Remove the distractions that are keeping you from living out God’s purposes
  • Find practical ways to live out your faith no matter your circumstances

God wants to awaken a deep longing for Him in our hearts and souls in our everyday moments. We were never meant to be lukewarm, and Ignited offers a fresh perspective on living a passionate life for Jesus.

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