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What does it really mean to be a Christian?
In a world where everything from sports to politics, social media to podcasts, and movies to television vies for our attention, we need to get back to what is essential. These sessions from the I Am a Christian DVD Experience will help people grasp who they are in Christ and what their participation means to their local church. The eight individual sessions are designed for use with the companion participant’s guide and the I Am a Christian book (each sold separately).

When people understand their identity and purpose, everything changes for them. Life begins to make sense. Their purpose becomes clear. Their mission through their local church is confirmed.

Based on the book I Am a Christian, by respected author and church consultant Thom Rainer, these video sessions are a great resource for any Christian. They will
  • help you clarify your purpose and mission
  • encourage you to become a committed church member
  • help Christian communities become healthy places so they can make a significant impact on the world

(Don’t miss the companion I Am a Christian Participant’s Guide, sold separately.)

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