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Have you ever doubted the certainty of your salvation?
If worries about your salvation ever disturb your peace, turn to this book for refreshing clarity and confidence in the God who guides your steps. Bestselling author Don Whitney carefully walks readers through the Bible’s teaching on salvation and eternal life in this well-researched guide by addressing issues such as:
  • Is assurance of salvation possible?
  • Is it normal to have doubts about salvation?
  • Signs of a genuine believer
  • The basis of assurance
  • Common problems that erode our certainty
  • And more
Insightful and encouraging, this book will calm your spirit and point solidly to our living hope: Jesus Christ. Now updated with questions for personal study or group discussion that will help you dive deeper.

“Every book Don Whitney writes is worth the cover price. How Can I Be Sure I’m a Christian? is doubly so. Christians struggling with assurance of their salvation should buy and read this book. Pastors should buy a box of them to give to doubting church members.” —Jason K. Allen, president of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“If you have questions about your assurance or even somebody else’s, you should read this book. Dr. Whitney’s illustrations are superb, and his borrowings from the great theologians of the past are wise, stimulating, and well chosen. I commend his work highly.” —James M. Boice, author of Foundations of the Christian Faith

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