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Ask any 12-year-old kid to describe a hero, and you will get some of the following answers: a superstar athlete, a soldier on the front lines, or a guy in a cape who can jump over buildings.

Most of our “heroes” are related to human achievement and glory, but the Bible has a very different concept. The list of people who were great in God’s eyes might shock you. This devotional book is about their stories.

The 90 devotions feature the qualities of Bible characters that made them heroic. From Moses to Esther to Jesus, kids will learn more about how these Bible people pleased God. They will know that qualities like courage, worshiping God, and being a true friend are heroic actions. The devotional features line drawings of the Bible characters to further help youth identify with and learn about the people in the Bible.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

Exclusive Preview

This comicbook style devotional features well-known bible heroes like God, Abel, and Jonathan, as well as some lesser known bible heroes like Joash and Gideon (which I thought was pretty cool). It also features a couple of girls (Ruth and the Jewish Slave Girl); however, I don't really think this book would appeal to most girls. It's quite masculine and I totally love it--for my little guy. My son is only 6, but I'm saving this book for him for when he's a bit older. He's going to love it! It's got a comic book, superhero kind of presentation to it and that will definitely appeal to him. This is such a unique devotional, and it's nice to see a very boyish devo for boys older than... say... 3. Not something I can recall coming across before. It's cool and it reveals an important truth: while Captain America and Wolverine are pretty awesome superheroes, there's no superhero as awesome as Jesus, and the other heroes in the bible not only did great things for God, but they were flawed people just like us. Flawed, but with a faith God could use to turn them into heroes... and He can do the same with us.