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Get the practical tools, psychology, and hope to deal with ghosting and the tumultuous emotions that follow in this easy-to-read handbook by Dr. Gregory Jantz! With Here Today, Ghosted Tomorrow, you will learn:
  • What ghosting is and why it matters
  • Why people “ghost” (and why it hurts so much)
  • The 7 damaging effects of ghosting (betrayal, rejection, mental health issues, and more)
  • How to regain hope and heal any pain and abandonment
Was it something I said? What did I do wrong? How can I fix this? If a friend or loved one has ever ghosted you, the pain can sting like deep wound. But you can overcome this grief, even without the closure you might think you need. Enjoy having:
  • Real, relatable stories
  • Definitions, statistics, and easy-to-understand summaries
  • Tried and tested psychological and spiritual advice
  • Encouraging scriptures to heal
Has someone in your life cut off all communication with you, abruptly and without explanation, leaving you feeling hurt, abandoned, and perplexed? Without a word, they just stopped responding to your phone calls or texts? Maybe you’ve been blocked on social media or no longer see them at church or the office? Ghosting hurts, and it casts a showdown of doubt and uncertainty upon your sense of self-worth. But there’s hope in resilience and healing.

Get Practical Advice on What To Do If You’ve Been Ghosted

Featuring helpful checklists and research in an easy-to-read format, Jantz's Here Today, Ghosted Tomorrow doesn't just give you basic, one-size-fits-all explanations. This handy resource gives you detailed, step-by-step tools and encouragement to grow stronger and more resilient in your current and future relationships. Gain practical tips like:
  • 10 ways to deal with rejection
  • What to do if a ghoster reappears in your life (what to say, and how to protect yourself)
  • How to evaluate whether or not you should reconnect
  • Know if there are ever healthy reasons to ghost someone
  • And more!
Enjoy Having the Tools to Grow and Become More Resilient

You don’t have to just move from one toxic relationship to another! You can gain the skills and tools to find friendships that are healthy, nurturing, and positive. When you leave the negativity behind, you will also be equipped with simple tools to build safe and trusted relationships built on mutual support. Some of these tools include:
  • 5 steps to recover from a toxic relationship
  • 10 signs someone has a good heart
  • 7 ways to invest in health relationships
  • And more!
Are you ready to renew your hope and confidence as you look forward to enjoying healthy relationships in the future? Get started with Dr. Jantz’s Here Today, Ghosted Tomorrow.

Here Today, Ghosted Tomorrow is perfect for individual and group use. Great for counseling, discipleship, singles groups, small groups, church giveaways, and more!

About the Author Dr. Gregory Jantz
Dr. Jantz's center, "A Place of HOPE," is recognized as a top ten facility in the U.S. for the treatment of depression. Dr. Jantz is a best-selling author of 30 books. He is a go-to media source expert for a range of behavioral-based afflictions, as well as drug and alcohol addictions. Dr. Jantz has appeared on CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, and has been interviewed for the New York Post, Associated Press, Family Circle, and Women’s Day. He is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and Psychology Today blogs.

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