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Coping with cancer is sometimes more emotionally difficult after treatment than during it. There’s a shadow of cancer hanging overhead and so few who really understand survivors’ unique needs. With her trademark humor and straight talk, patient advocate Lynn Eib takes on the tough questions cancer survivors often ask themselves yet rarely speak out loud: Is everyone as paranoid as I am? How do I stay positive? What if the cancer comes back? Eib weaves the story of her own experience as a longtime cancer survivor and those of other survivors into this hope-filled, practical book designed to move readers out from cancer’s shadow and into renewed purpose and joy.

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Dear Lynn: I have just finished your wonderful book Finding the Light in Cancer’s Shadow. What a blessing your writing has been to me. . . . Sometimes, the cold chill from the “shadow” stops me in my tracks. Each of your chapter titles speaks to my issues and questions exactly! . . . Your book really helped me see how these feelings are normal, and how to rely even more on the Lord. . . . I purchased your book through the Crossings Christian book club and plan to order many more copies to give to friends and fellow survivors. My prayer is that I will keep my face turned toward the Son, to keep the shadow behind me!

Hello. I am a physician and a breast cancer survivor. It has been on my heart that I need to honor my journey in some way, and I had been thinking of the possibility of becoming a healthcare chaplain. However, after beginning to read Finding the Light in Cancer’s Shadow, I began to think that the role of a cancer patient advocate may be what I am being called to do. So, I just wanted to share this with you and thank you for blazing such a trail. I will continue to listen to God’s voice as he leads me where I need to be. Thank you!!!!

Hi, Lynn, First of all, I want to thank you for stepping out in faith and listening to the calling God has on your life. I found your book, Finding the Light in Cancer’s Shadow, online on I originally bought it because my 19-year-old daughter was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in April 2007. I wanted to find something to encourage her, and so I bought the first copy for her. Since that time I have purchased about 10-15 books and plan to purchase even more. Your book looks at cancer that I don’t think most people ever come to see. I agree humor is important. . . . Thank you again, Lynn, for bringing encouragement to those who are facing cancer and their families. . . .