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Finding Freedom and Joy in Self-Forgetfulness by beloved Christian author Michele Howe teaches readers that self-forgetfulness is a biblically robust principle that can set us free from the inside out. It shows how when we forget about ourselves and focus on helping others, we find freedom and joy.

Self-care is important, but have you ever found yourself paralyzed with indecision or anxiety from focusing too much on your own needs and wants? With her characteristic warmth and wit, Michele Howe offers us another way: When we entrust ourselves to God’s care, we are subsequently empowered to live more fearlessly and freely. When we seek to live from a position of intentional self-forgetfulness, we set into motion a beautiful display of God’s grace in our lives. And when we ask God to help us forget about ourselves so we can effectively serve others, we discover a wonderful freedom within and without. Intentional self-forgetfulness is an essential Christian virtue desperately needed in today’s heartbroken world. So join Michele on a journey to stand up and reach out with courageous, self-sacrificial boldness.

Finding Freedom and Joy in Self-Forgetfulness includes thirty chapters with Scripture passages, real-life stories with essays, and helpful points and prayers. Learn how to make self-forgetfulness an intentional part of your everyday life, and find the freedom and joy that come as a result.

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