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A 2014 Christianity Today Award of Merit winner from the best-selling author of War Room!
Devin Hillis is a struggling documentary filmmaker who stumbles onto the story of a lifetime while interviewing subjects at an Arizona retirement home. One of the employees—a seemingly ordinary young woman named Treha Langsam—has no family and little memory of her childhood. She does, however, possess an extraordinary gift for connecting with dementia patients. Even more gripping is the story that begins to unravel when a cryptic letter from one of the home’s residents reveals clues to Treha’s shrouded past, setting into motion a chain of events that captures national interest.

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“This is the thread that runs through the stories: handling change, taking what life throws at you, responding with grace, fighting back when you have to, or being content. Knowing things might not get better. And that they are probably going to go downhill,” A compassionate Devin explains in Chris Fabry’s book, Every Waking Moment. At three hundred and thirty-one pages, this paperback book is targeted toward mature young adult and older who have or are facing an elderly loved one’s transformation to the end of life or want to learn more about assisted living and aging. Written as Christian fiction, there is no profanity, sex or extreme violence but the topics of dementia and dying are thoroughly discussed. This reader wishes all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence. There has always been something wrong with young Treha, even though she is capable of holding down her janitorial job at the Desert Gardens, an assisted living complex in Arizona. Being nervous, unemotional and lacking of confidence, she does not expect anything from anybody, including herself. But Treha has a special gift that Miriam, the facility’s director, has witnessed and some of the residents have been abundantly blessed: she helps those with dementia and memory loss speak again and open up about their lives. Story collector Devin and his cameraman, the sarcastic Jonah, are fascinated by Desert Garden’s occupants as they document living testaments and memories gleaned from the aging elderly. After Miriam introduces the two videographers to the young girl, they tenderly try to make sense of the pain of dying, yet at the same time, want to help Treha figure out her past history and why she is so introverted and marred. While showing the overwhelming fear, loss of independence and dwindling sense of dignity, Fabry ardently focuses on the worth of every individual as one grows old through the lives of the tenants and the retiring director. The reader is rapidly drawn into finding out the important story of each of our lives and how Treha must come to terms with her own special gift and its relationship to her background and upbringing. This is one of those books that sheds tears to the eye while nourishing contentment to the heart when dealing with the death of loved ones and how each of us matter to God. This book was furnished by Tyndale House Publishers for review purposes.

Decent story, It was much better the second time I read through it than the first. The characters begin to grow on you the more into the story you get.

Decent story, It was much better the second time I read through it than the first. The characters begin to grow on you the more into the story you get.

I'm so excited to read this book! I love to hear stories about ordinary women with extraordinary faith! You certainly don't have to be perfect or amazing to be a servant and a disciple (: This book, I hope is a reminder of that.

Books are words linked into sentences that make up a paragraph which form pages but they are also the thoughts, experiences, and lessons of the author. Sometimes a book is hard to get interested in making it difficult to truly become a book that you can embrace. Other times, a book is interesting but not one you would recommend to friends or family. Then there are the books that grab you and become the impetus to change you. Every Waking Moment by Chris Fabry is such a book! I am not going to give a spoiler alert but I will tell you that this book is about the ways that others can effect you and affect changes. Treha is the unassuming main character that soon fills up your mind and heart as you want to stand in defense for her as well as cheer her on in her search for her mother along with the answers to her past. Miriam is her greatest cheerleader and protector but there are other great characters who intersect in the lives of both of them that shape the story into an outstanding book! watch on Chris Fabry, a West Virginia native, has written several books, of which two won Christy Awards and an ECPA Christian Book Award, and he hosts the daily program Chris Fabry Live! on Moody Radio. His style of writing draws you in and invites you to drop whatever you are doing for a long visit amidst the pages of his books. I have never read his other books, but I was very impressed with this one which makes me excited to find others. I encourage you to pick up a copy today! I received this book free for review from Tyndale House Publishers. Author Q & A Sneak Peak - Chapter 1 Author's Web Site