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When it rains in life—it pours.

With each wave of resistance in life, it can be so tempting to simply give up. To quit the difficult calling. To leave the meaningful relationship. To walk away from the dreams God placed on your heart.

If this is where you find yourself, take heart. Nick Connolly has also been there—and he’s written Don’t Give Up Just Yet for you to find the motivation and encouragement to help you to keep going. Together, we’ll discover:
  • Seven different areas of our lives where resistance shows up and wreaks havoc
  • How to work through struggles like doubt and seasons of waiting
  • What the Bible has to say about dark nights of the soul
  • When walking away is actually the right and healthy choice
  • How to make difficult times work for your faith, not against it.
God hasn’t let go of you. The other side of this hard time is closer than you think. Join Nick in the journey to choose persistence in the face of resistance; find renewed energy and faith; and confidently pursue the promise of who God made you to be.

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