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Don’t let negative thoughts steal your happiness. . . learn to take charge of your thoughts and rewire your brain.

Thoughts that we allow to circle again and again in our minds build ruts or roads in the brain, making those thoughts more likely to dominate and control our lives. But we aren’t doomed to feel down when life doesn’t go our way.

In Conquer Your Negative Thoughts, psychiatrist and clinical neuroscientist Dr. Daniel G. Amen applies his knowledge of how the mind works to help you take back control of your thoughts, consistently generate positive feelings, and master your emotions no matter your age, income, or situation. By retraining your brain to focus on happiness and purpose, you’ll feel healthier, calmer, and more resilient and be fully prepared to face life’s ups and downs.

Conquer Your Negative Thoughts offers readers:

  • A great resource for those dealing with anxiety and depression
  • Key insights from an expert in his field
  • Tools to change your mental habits based on science
  • Real-life case studies
  • Bible verses to help conquer negative thoughts

Empower yourself to change your mind’s habits and improve your mental health, for good.

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