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Caregiving is a journey of compassion, walking alongside someone coping with illness or disability or the effects of aging. Even though it’s one of the most important jobs anyone can ever do, caregiving often takes a surprising toll on the caregiver’s body, mind, and spirit. If you’re a caregiver feeling confused, overwhelmed, or stressed out to the point of burnout or bailout, you’re not alone. Many caregivers experience grief, anxiety, guilt, and anger—and get stuck in those feelings.

But here’s the great news: the caregiving experience doesn’t have to be like that. When caregiving tasks are shared and caregivers understand how to take good care of themselves too, the whole experience can be much brighter for everyone.

Award-winning author and speaker, Debbie Barr, writes with compassion and understanding, taking an honest look at the ups and downs of caregiving. She shares the real-life experiences of caregivers and the things they’ve learned along their journeys. This book will help caregivers like you know how to gather a team to help shoulder the caregiving load. You will be able to identify when you’re getting close to burnout, and what to do about it—because caregiving is never just about the person needing the care; it’s about the caregiver too. You will come away from this book encouraged and equipped to face the caregiving journey with hopefulness and peace of mind.

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