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Choose-Your-Own Kidventure!
Jump into the middle of the action of your favorite Bible stories! Smell the saltwater as the Red Sea parts and hear the battle cries as the Amalekites attack. In these choose-your-own-ending stories, you are the main character. Will you show courage in the face of danger? It’s up to you.

Deadly Expedition
Will you stand and fight the Egyptian army? Or will you trust God and cross the sea on a dry path—only to face the possibility of battling yet another nation?
Exodus 14

Will you take a risk and help your Aunt Rahab hide enemy spies in order to keep your family safe? Who can you trust?
Joshua 2

How will you react when a bully attacks and steals your prized possession? Can you work together when you are under attack by Moabite and Ammonite armies?
2 Chronicles 20

You have just seen Stephen dragged off to be killed for his faith. Will you be able to warn your family that danger is coming?
Acts 6

Includes discussion guide—great for classroom & homeschool!

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Trim Size:
6 x 9 in.

Exclusive Preview

Have you ever wanted to witness the Red Sea opening or the walls of Jericho falling? Bible KidVentures Stories of Danger and Courage takes you into the middle of the action of your favorite Bible stories. In each story, you are the main character. What happens is up to you! Through your choices, you can receive great rewards, get into big trouble, or even lose your life. It’s your turn to witness Bible history in action by entering the story and choosing your own path. Smell the salt water as the Red Sea parts before your very eyes, or hear the battle cries of Amalekite warriors facing the Israelite army. The lives of Moses, Rahab, Jehoshaphat, and early church leaders take on compelling excitement through these up-close-and-personal accounts. In each of the four choose-your-own-ending stories, you decide how the story ends!

The four stories included in this edition are as follows:
  • Deadly Exhibition
  • Trapped!
  • Attack!
  • Escape!