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This set of 10 delightful minibooks will help beginning readers recognize basic vocabulary words while learning about 10 favorite Bible stories. These creative books teach reading in the strongest way possible using repetition in a way that draws children in and brings them joy. The last word of each sentence part in the story is the featured vocabulary word on that page for a total of four featured vocabulary words for each minibook. Each page builds on the previous one both in art and text. The final illustration is always the whole scene of the story, giving an understanding of the sentence as a whole. This eBook features narration with word-by-word highlighting.

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This is a darling set of books for children ages 3-5. The stories are built one line at a time and are accompanied with lovely illustrations.

“The angel on the hill pushed the stone from the cave,” the tenth book in the series states in Nancy I. Sanders’s children’s book, "Bible Favorites (One Sentence Storybooks)." Published by Focus on the Family and Tyndale Kids, this ten paperback collection targets ages three to five years old who want to learn simple Bible stories. With no scary scenes or profanity, they would make ideal bedtime or quiet time stories read out loud to beginner readers. The New International Reader’s Version of the Holy Bible is used. The illustrations by Hanna Wood are colorful and simplistic for children to understand. Displayed in a cardboard box with an easy-to-open Velcro flap, ten stories containing twelve pages each are inserted. Also added is an advertisement card for a Christian children’s magazine subscription. With five stories from both the Old and New Testaments, the Creation, Noah’s Ark, Moses and the Bush, David and Goliath, the City Wall, Jesus’s Birth, Jesus Walking on Water, the Good Shepherd, the Prodigal Son, and Jesus’s Resurrection are given in one short sentence each. Usually beginning with the noun of a sentence on the first page with an accompanied design, the next couple pages add the verb and more phrases and clauses, building a complete sentence with repetition and artwork. The tenth page contains four pictures and matching words to the story, while the eleventh page has a Biblical truth to learn, a written out Bible verse to memorize, and a short prayer. The final page has three activities found in prior pages relating to color, an object, and a specific word. One example would be Book Number 7, “Jesus on the Water,” which states: One Sentence: “The men in the boat saw Jesus walk on water.” One Truth: “The disciples’ faith grew after they saw Jesus walk on water. Jesus really is the Son of God.” One Verse: “Those in the boat worshiped Jesus. They said, &lsquoYou really are the Son of God!’” – Matthew 14:33. One Prayer: “Dear God, please help my faith grow stronger every day. In Jesus’ name, amen.” Activities engage the reader by pointing to something green, finding something with stripes, and reading a word that starts with the same sound of the word monkey (men). Although there is no eternal plan of salvation, this is a wonderful start in a young one’s life to introduce stories from the Bible, especially about Jesus. Adorable and brief, the series will be enjoyed by those who love looking at pictures, seeing word repetition, and searching for answers while learning about God and His Word. Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for furnishing this complimentary book in exchange for a review based on the reader’s honest opinion.

I am a mother to a 4 year old girl who was very excited upon receiving these. They are VERY basic readers but this gave my daughter the confidence she needed. She was so excited that she was able to read all these storybooks independently save for several new to her words. For a younger child this would a perfect way to introduce bible stories to them quickly in an engaging way. No, if you're looking for theologically deep these are not the books. They are not intended to be yet in some of the stories I admire the powerful simplicity of the message. The Good Shepherd story ends with the Shepherd has joy because He found his sheep. I thought that was profound in its simple delivery. I couldn't find anything that was particularly errant about their interpretation of the stories. The illustrations are also basic but attention grabbing for young readers and pre-readers. The carrying case is nice, but it is somewhat difficult to put the books back in neatly without bending pages, especially for little hands. Overall I think this is a wonderful price (currently ~$13) for biblical early readers. I'd highly recommend them. Comment Comment | Permalink