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Becoming Gertrude is one woman’s wisdom on the beauty of spiritual friendship and God’s unfolding grace over the course of a life lived for Him. Jan uses the term spiritual friendship to capture this idea of journeying with others through life, sharing experiences and wisdom and seeking God together. In Becoming Gertrude, Jan wants to be your spiritual friend, sharing what she’s learned and painting a picture of what you might uncover as you seek to develop these kinds of relationships in your own life.

Join Jan in exploring the critical pieces of spiritual friendship: hospitality, encouragement, acceptance, serving, and caring. With seasoned wisdom and winsome stories, Jan uses personal experiences to walk you through what each of these things can mean in your life. You can have rich, rewarding, faith-filled friendships that emerge from the everyday rhythms of your days—and Becoming Gertrude will lead you on that journey.

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Jan’s words here are like a literal gift to your heart and soul. Her masterful, luminous wisdom will not only inspire and encourage you to do the hard and holy work of digging deep into true community but will gently hand you the tools necessary to become a truly safe place for someone else’s heart. Her life is a living, breathing example of friendship personified, and you’ll close the pages of this book a better person because of it.

Spending a few hours with Jan Peterson is delicious! Becoming Gertrude is not only about spiritual friendship—it is a taste of the real thing. The most personal is the most universal, and this book is truth conveyed through personality. Read Jan’s heart and then watch how she gently moves you forward in your faith journey. What a gift and what a delight!

Jan Peterson’s book Becoming Gertrude is a must-read. I find such inspiration in its life lessons that I walk away uplifted and motivated to care, accept, serve, offer hospitality, and encourage others in new ways. Her insights reveal how each of us is uniquely made and called to make a beautiful impact for the cause of love in tangible ways. I can’t wait to live out this book’s life-giving principles.

I only recently met Jan, but her writing mirrors my experience of her: warm, direct, and insightful. We should all become Gertrude, we should all receive Gertrude, and we should all keep this book close by to read and read again.

With warmth and wisdom, Janice Peterson beautifully reveals how loving others not only deepens our love for God but also brightens an often dark and lonely world. What a little gem this book is.

Like her welcoming friend, Gertrude, Jan Peterson welcomes her readers into a winsome, gentle conversation about the meaning and value of spiritual friendship. Through stories accumulated over decades of marriage and ministry alongside her pastor-husband, Eugene, Jan illustrates how each of us can create relationships that nurture our own soul and bless the world at the same time. I finished Becoming Gertrude with a reluctant sigh, because I wanted to hear more from this unpretentious and vibrant woman who possesses a true servant’s heart.

For sixty years, Jan Peterson has served Christ’s church. But what stands out to me is the way she’s done it. Instead of white-knuckling her way through, Jan has done this work with a gentle touch and an infectious joy. Her life is proof that the life of pastoral ministry can be a yoke that’s easy and a burden that’s light. While so many are familiar with Eugene’s ministry, anyone who knows the Petersons knows that Jan has made Eugene’s work possible all these years. She is one of those hidden figures that makes the Kingdom of God go. As I hold this book, I rejoice because the treasury of Jan Peterson’s life is now available for generations to come. Now take and read.

Everyone needs a friend like Jan Peterson. She honors friendship as the sacrament it is, and in her personal and heartwarming story, Becoming Gertrude, Jan doesn’t just celebrate this sacrament—she gently shares how to exercise our “caring muscles” in ways that truly matter. Jan’s soulful and intentional approach to friendship is refreshing in this day of device-based interactions. She has inspired me, prompted me, and taught me more about the importance (and necessity!) of caring, acceptance, service, hospitality, and encouragement in our everyday, ordinary lives. The world needs more people like Jan and Eugene Peterson, who are day-to-day Christ followers in all they do—marriage, ministry, family, and friendship. Becoming Gertrude is a book that helps you become more like Jesus.

Having spent time in the Petersons’ home, I can say that Jan lives what she writes. She exudes spiritual friendship with authenticity, passion, and grace. In our day of division, anger, and intolerance, we need people like her more than ever. Read this little gem slowly, soak it in, practice it faithfully, and live into it personally.

Jan Peterson’s reflections on spiritual friendship exude warmth and wisdom, just as she does. Her dedication to the practice of hospitality and faithful friendship over a lifetime is evident in every gracious word. Becoming Gertrude also invites us to explore our own unique calling to love and service and assures us we will never regret the journey. I am really grateful for this gem of a book.