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Business as Mission (BAM) is a growing global movement. Christians active in the arena of business, charity and ministry are on a journey to integrate business with holistic mission. But what exactly is BAM? In this book, Gea Gort and Mats Tunehag explain the BAM concept through theory and theology, with stories to show what it looks like in real life. The authors explain that Business as Mission is an expression of a much broader movement. Ideas regarding mission, church, and charity are shifting, and growing number of Christians are aiming for a missional way of living out the whole incarnated gospel in their daily lives where they work and live.

The inspiring stories of thirty practitioners active on all continents provide insight into how the gospel can be shared in innovative and practical ways in challenging settings: in developing nations, secularized Western cities, or even closed countries. This book will not only capture your mind and heart as you learn about Business as Mission in theory and praxis, but it will also give you a broad overview of this remarkable movement.

This book provides insight into this global movement and is of interest for a broad range of people: pioneers, early adapters and leaders within church, missionaries, and business leaders, as well as for Bible schools and universities.

Dr. Gea Gort, a trained journalist, studied Transformational Leadership in the Global Urban Context at Bakke Graduate University in Seattle, where she serves as adjunct faculty and regional board member. She is passionate about innovative mission in an urban and global context. In her hometown of Rotterdam (Holland), she initiated City Prayer, directed a Christian leaders network, and advised the government on multicultural affairs. Gea has authored several books in Dutch and in English.

Mats Tunehag is a speaker, writer, and consultant from Sweden. For over twenty years, he has focused on developing the Business as Mission (BAM) concept as well as national, regional, and global strategic alliances of people and BAM initiatives. A global lecturer, he is also a BAM senior leader in the Lausanne Movement and the World Evangelical Alliance.

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