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The highly anticipated twelfth book in the Dead Sea Squirrels series from co-creator of Veggie Tales Mike Nawrocki is finally here!

The Gomezes need a rescue? After re-re-re-escaping from Dr. Simon’s goons, it’s Merle and Pearl’s turn to play rescue tag as they and their animal friends embark on a ridiculous mission to bust the kidnapped Gomez family out of BabbleLand---a Bible-themed amusement park with talking animals. But how can they break in without being caught? With the help of an old-enemy-turned-ally and Adrianna’s hilarious disguise, the squirrels’ roller-coaster rescue is a page-turner sure to have you laughing-out-loud.

  • Sacrificial love
  • Forgiveness
  • Friendship
  • A squirrels-eye-view retelling of Jesus’ Last Supper, death, and resurrection
  • 16 character profiles including two brand new descriptions for Deliliah and Dave
  • A map of Israel noting key locations in the squirrel’s rescue mission
  • A map of the four quarters of Jerusalem and a brief history of its borders

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5.5 x 7.625 in.
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