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What is Adventures in Odyssey?
It’s exciting, character-building audio entertainment for the whole family—brought to life by an award-winning team that uses storytelling to teach lasting truths. So grab your imagination and find out why over 20 million Adventures in Odyssey products have been distributed worldwide!

Volume 12: At Home and Abroad
The Odyssey gang is ready to take you to new and fascinating places, including a mysterious trip south of the border, and the crime scene of a dramatic robbery—which happens to be Whit’s End! Each episode is full of exciting action and valuable lessons that are perfect springboards for discussing important issues with your kids.

Sensational Stories, Lifelong Lessons!
1. A Model Child (Theme: Beauty)
2. The Curse (Theme: Superstition)
3. Hold Up! (Theme: The sinfulness of man)
4. A Test for Robyn (Theme: The importance of preparation)
5-6. The Cross of Cortes, Parts 1 & 2 (Theme: The meaning of the Cross)
7. A Thanksgiving Carol (Theme: Thankfulness)
8. Where’s Your Daddy? (Theme: Having a parent in prison)
9. East Winds, Raining (Theme: Bigotry)
10-11. The Star, Parts 1 & 2 (Theme: The true meaning of Christmas)
12. Room Mates (Theme: Resolving Conflict)

Bonus Material
  • The creation of “East Winds, Raining”
  • Oops! Script Mistakes
  • Original promo for At Home and Abroad
  • Villains in Odyssey

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