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Earthquake rocks Israel; thousands dead. Staggering death count baffles authorities. Millions claim visions of demonic horsemen.

Pressure builds within the Tribulation Force’s safe house as Rayford Steele’s rage against Global Community leader Nicolae Carpathia nears the boiling point. He vows to dethrone Carpathia, plotting his assassination. As the Tribulation Force grieves one much-loved member and acquires a new convert, Rayford is haunted by suspicions that one of the team will betray the others to Carpathia’s henchmen.

Will the Trib Force be brought down by fire, smoke, sulfur, and snakes—or by one of their own? Meanwhile, having escaped the slick Global Community–run media empire, Buck Williams churns out copies of The Truth, a cyberspace magazine that feeds millions of readers hungry for the Word of God, as enemy powers gather for a decadent celebration of the new world order.

Assassins is #6 in the phenomenal New York Times best-selling Left Behind series that rocked the publishing world and made millions think seriously about the future and their places in it.

With special features relating to current events and end-times prophecy.

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5.5 x 8.25 in.

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