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Killer locusts attack humans, livestock, crops. Fatal mystery toxin turns water to blood. One-World Faith leaders tighten security.

“Tell me, Captain Steele. Do you still believe that a man who has been known to raise the dead could actually be the Antichrist?”

With those chilling words, Global Community leader Nicolae Carpathia prepares to unleash a new depth of evil on the world. As thousands of believers gather for a conference in the Holy Land, is Carpathia’s pledge of protection evidence of his much-touted tolerance—or a lie? Pilot Rayford Steele must maintain a charade of loyalty while desperately seeking the truth about his late wife. Was Amanda truly a traitor to the Tribulation Force or the victim of a smear campaign? Meanwhile Buck Williams, now an international fugitive, risks his life to carry out the Trib Force’s top-secret missions in a world rocked by demonic catastrophes.

Apollyon is #5 in the phenomenal New York Times best-selling Left Behind series that rocked the publishing world and made millions think seriously about the future and their places in it.

With special features relating to current events and end-times prophecy.

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Trim Size:
5.5 x 8.25 in.

Exclusive Preview

As the world's thousands of believers gather in Jerusalem for a stadium rally, the Tribulation Force struggles with their own personal crises. Newspaper reporter Buck Williams and his wife, Chloe, question whether or not they should have a child when the future of the world is so uncertain. Meanwhile, Rayford Steele discovers the shocking truth about his wife, Amanda.
Nicolae Carpathia continues his rise to power, forcing believers underground. But Nicolae isn't prepared for a plague of scorpion-like locusts tormenting his followers—with a pain so horrible that men try to kill themselves but aren't allowed to die.
A repackage of the fifth book in the New York Times best-selling Left Behind series.