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What is Adventures in Odyssey?

It’s exciting, character-building audio entertainment for the whole family— brought to life by an award-winning team that uses storytelling to teach lasting truths. So grab your imagination and find out why over 20 million Adventures in Odyssey products have been distributed worldwide.

Volume 6: Mission: Accomplished
Everybody in Odyssey is on some kind of mission. Jimmy signs up to help missionaries and ends up in the jungles of Central America! Robyn has to find the Treasure of LeMonde . . . before it’s too late. And Whit, Connie, and everyone at Whit’s End learn that forgiveness and faith go a long way!

Bonus Material:
  • Creating the sounds for “Elijah”
  • The production of “A Mission for Jimmy”
  • The voices of host Chris Anthony, featuring studio bloopers
  • Plus! The very first Focus on the Family dramas “Spare tire” and “House Guest” on MP3 (contains the first appearances of Chuck Bolte and Hal Smith)

Sensational Stories, Lifelong Lessons!
Tracks / Themes:
1. The Price of Freedom / Patriotism
2. Good Business / Being conscientious
3. Heatwave / using your imagination properly
4. But, You Promised / consequences of lying
5. A Prisoner for Christ / Forgiveness
6-7. Elijah, Parts 1 & 2 / God’s sovereignty
8. That’s Not Fair / Fairness, God’s grace
9. A Mission for Jimmy / supporting missionaries
10. The Ill-Gotten Deed / Sibling rivalry, revenge
11. Rescue from Manatugo Point / relying on God in difficult times
12. Operation: Digout / Witnessing for God
13. The Treasure of LeMonde / Greed

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Exclusive Preview

These digitally remastered collections—available for the first time on CD—include bonus tracks, fun facts, and behind-the-scenes details! A fun-filled, full-color insert includes the following: original notes of the writers, never-before-heard stories from the recording studio, and a coupon for other Adventures in Odyssey products. This album's episodes will take you from the discovery of a hidden treasure chest to a hair-raising voyage in the Imagination Station.

Volume 6 contains the following episodes (and themes):
  • The Ill-Gotten Deed (sibling rivalry)
  • The Treasure of Le Monde! (consequences of greed)
  • The Price of Freedom (history: the Vietnam war)
  • That's Not Fair! (true meaning of fairness)
  • Good Business (being conscientious)
  • An Encounter with Mrs. Hooper (reconciliation)
  • A Prisoner for Christ (forgiveness, the book of Philemon)
  • A Mission for Jimmy (importance of missions)
  • Rescue from Manatugo Point (relying on God in difficult times)
  • Operation: DIGOUT (witnessing)
  • Elijah 1 & 2 (the power of faith, reliance on God)