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Whether new to the show or longtime fans, listeners won’t be disappointed by these 12 action-packed episodes. The Present Long Ago is one of many stories that feature kids in Odyssey learning important lessons, while seven episodes star Eugene—including his exciting re-introduction. In that three-part show, Whit breaks the shocking news: Eugene has amnesia, a loss of memory with no viable cure. Connie, Tom, and Bernard will stop at nothing to help their friend, including a risky experiment. It’s an adventure over 17 years in the making: Eugene Returns!

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Here it is folks, the much anticipated 44th Adventures in Odyssey album, Eugene Returns! That&lsquos right, Eugene is finally back after a very long absence. But he is not the same. Somehow, while he was gone he lost his memory, and he doesn’t remember anyone or anything in Odyssey. Also, Connie uses Kids Radio to tell the story of Saint Valentine. Trent DeWhite wonders what’s going on when Lester introduces his special dog Ralph to him. Wooton has been giving the Hamptons' mail to a boy he thought was their son. Now he has to figure out what this kid is up to. This album is one of my favorites and if you like Adventures in Odyssey, I’m sure you will love it too.