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Perhaps you’re newly married and it’s slowly dawning on you that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with this person. Or maybe you’ve been married for a decade or two and you long for the days when you were more than just roommates. No matter what stage you’re in, wouldn’t it be nice to be appreciated, noticed, and praised by each other, instead of being ignored or criticized? In 90 Days to a Fantastic Marriage, Dr. David Hawkins reveals a 12-week plan of noticing, focusing on, and bringing out the best in each other . . . a strategy that will revive the romance and renew the intimacy in your relationship. The book draws on Dr. Hawkins’ 30 years of relationship counseling (he is also a popular author, speaker, and columnist), and it contains stories and real-life examples from marriages in all stages (newlyweds, long-term marriages, couples in crisis).
With this book readers can
  • Put a stop to negative relationship patterns in just 12 weeks.
  • Learn to listen for and speak about the good in your spouse.
  • Embark on a more positive marriage, solidified with love and appreciation.
  • Feel fully appreciated when your spouse starts acknowledging your gifts and praising your abilities.

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