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Best-selling author Dr. Steve Stephens offers concrete yet simple ways to build marriages today, even when life speeds by at a frantic pace. Along with a prayer to ask for God's help, each chapter offers ideas and tools that make following rules like “Accept Differences,” “Listen Carefully,” and “Compliment Daily” easy. Readers will be surprised at how applying these simple rules can make a good marriage even better . . . or keep a struggling marriage from falling apart.

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Good book—exactly as it says—rules for a great marriage. It may “step on your toes” a bit, but it has a lot of wisdom in the rules.

Dear Dr. Stephens, I am currently reading 20 Surprisingly Simple Rules and Tools for a Great Marriage. God bless you for a wonderful book.

As a professional therapist, I’m always looking for good resources to share with my patients. When I read this book I was especially impressed with the simple, straightforward approach the author took to communicate the fundamentals of healthy relationship skills. The nice short sections and example behaviors spelled out are custom-made for men who may have difficulty staying up to speed in this area. BTW, the other books in this series are pretty good also.

I wanted to let you know that God led me to your book 20 Surprisingly Simple Rules and Tools for a Great Marriage on 1/23/08, and if it had not been for all the rules in your book, my marriage would have been lost.

WOW! This book is a must read for every couple!! The "rules" he applies are truly so simple yet most often forgotten. The book is very small and easy to read. He gives great examples and if applied to any relationship I don't believe a divorce could happen. If both parties read and apply these rules I am sure you will find things you both could improve with and simply move toward a great marriage as the book title states. I have shared this book with friends that aren't married and they too find things that can help any serious committed relationships. I have bought several copies to give with wedding gifts as I believe every marriage will need these reminders at some point! I was so impressed with this book I actually bought his other books in hopes they will also be nice little pointers for life. I haven't read those yet but I can tell you on this one .... you can't go wrong with 20 rules and tools for a great marriage!

After 30 years of marriage I needed a refresher course, and this was it! Throw away all of the other books because this is all you will ever need! Sometimes we forget the little things and need to get back to basics. I am gifting this to my married sons for Christmas. It makes a wonderful gift, and I always get wonderful feedback. My girlfriend says that it was “life changing.”

Besides the Bible, this book is the most wonderful tool in order to have a solid marriage. I recommend it to every married couple.