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Enjoy having practical advice and hope for those struggling with overeating in this beautiful daily devotion. Support your own or a loved ones journey with this devotional thats designed to help do the hard inner work when it comes to your health. This book is packed with:
  • aily devotions on recovery from food fixation
  • Thought-provoking personal questions and practical applications
  • Powerful prayers inspired by Scripture
  • 5-minute devotions with further study options
hen it comes to focusing on your healthit’s not merely about calories, exercise, or diets—it’s about your spiritual and mental health as well! In this devotional, you will read powerful Bible verses, encouraging devotionals, inspirational quotes, and prayers—all focused on finding freedom from overeating. It will be an opportunity to work with the Lord to heal your pain, redirect your thoughts, set healthy boundaries, and discover the path that God has intended for you.

The Devotional on Overeating That Tackles the Mind, Body, and Spirit

A lot of guides and handbooks for overeating and food compulsion ONLY deal with dieting or the psychology of healthy boundaries. But this devotional also tackles the spiritual aspects of struggling with food. Enjoy 100 daily devotions you can read in just minutes on these topics:
  • Behavior—Mindful Eating, The Mirror, Gut-Brain Connection, and more!
  • Psychology—Stewarding Well: Your Brain, All Good Versus All Bad, Managing Expectations, and more!
  • Spirituality—Lead with Praise, See the Unseen, Spiritual War, and more!
Having an unhealthy relationship with food has become the norm in our culture. Ads for new diets, workout regimens, and medical procedures bombard us at every turn. The desire to make changes to our bodies is common. We want to feel comfortable and confident in our own skin, and God wants that for us as well.

We are temples for the Holy Spirit, and God desires that we be healthy in mind, spirit, and body. In 100 Days to Freedom from Overeating, Stephen Arterburn of New Life Ministries helps readers identify the causes behind overeating and learn how to address them, restoring a healthy relationship between food, our bodies, and God. Each devotional is both challenging and encouraging and includes powerful Scripture verses, inspirational quotes, and a brief prayer. The journey to freedom begins here as you allow God to instruct and renew your mind, comfort your soul, and protect your body.

Key Features of the 100 Days to Freedom from Overeating Daily Devotional

Choose to spend the next 100 days finding freedom from overeating. 100 Days to Freedom from Overeating is the latest in the New Life Devotions series by best-selling author Stephen Arterburn. The scriptures you will read—the devotionals, quotes, and prayers—will begin to change the way you think and feel. Key features of this devotional are:
  • Full color
  • Simple daily format, covering 100 days
  • 100 need-to-know topics (like Peaceful Eating, Gut-Brain Connection, Spiritual Transformation, and more!)
  • Key verses, quotes, and refreshing devotions
  • 100 prayers for everyday use
  • Makes for an excellent repeatable study
In situations when the negative emotions take the lead, it is important to refocus because the God of light has not left us in the dark. When we turn to God, to trusted family members, friends, and medical professionals, freedom is possible—all you need to take is just one small step forward, one day at a time.

In the 100 Days of Freedom from Overeating devotional, readers will be renewed with a deeper sense of confidence as they are led to experience the powerful, transforming effect God's love has on their health.

Perfect for:
  • Individual study
  • Prayer groups
  • Discipleship
  • Small groups
  • Support & recovery groups
  • Church library
  • Chaplaincy or prison ministry

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