Kenneth Taylor

Kenneth N. Taylor

Translator, The Living Bible

Tyndale House Publishers

NLT Contributions:
Special Reviewer


  • Founder of Tyndale House Publishers
  • ThM, Northern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Specializes in modernist literature

Select Publications

Stories for the Children’s Hour, 1953
Devotions for the Children’s Hour, 1954
Living Letters, 1962
Living Prophecies, 1965
Living Gospels, 1966
The Living New Testament, 1967
Living Psalms and Proverbs, 1967
Living Lessons of Life and Love, 1968
Almost Twelve, 1968
Living Books of Moses, 1969
Living History of Israel, 1970
Taylor’s Bible Story Book, 1970
The Living Bible, 1971
Stories about Jesus, 1994 (adapted from Good News for Little People)
Everything a Child Should Know about God, 1996
My First Bible Words with William Noller, 1998
Family Devotions for Children, 1999
Right Choices, 1999
A Child’s First Bible (DK series), 2000
Family-Time Bible, 2003 (originally The Family-Time Bible in Pictures, 1992)