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T. E. Koshy

Dr. T. E. Koshy has been a pastor, teacher and one of three senior elders overseeing a movement of some 6,000 evangelical Christian congregations in India, Pakistan, Europe and Asia. He is the founder and pastor of The International Assembly and founding director of International Friendship Evangelism; as well as being the evangelical chaplain at Syracuse University for over 40 years, and pastor-at-large for The Joshua Fund.

He was born and raised in an Orthodox Christian family in Kerala, India. He holds degrees in Literature, Philosophy, Theology, Journalism and Mass Communication and has studied in India England and the US. Dr. Koshy has spoken at numerous national and international conferences in key regions around the world, and is the author of a biography about Brother Bakht Singh, one of the most fruitful evangelists and church planters in the history of modern India.