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Sue Birdseye

never imagined she would be walking the challenging path of single motherhood. Just a few short years ago, she was happily married and raising 5 beautiful children. Then adultery, abandonment, and divorce changed her world forever. But God made beauty of ashes, gave her the ability to find hope and humor even in difficult times, and blessed her with a sweet ministry to others facing challenging circumstances. As a writer and speaker to women's groups around the country, Sue comes alongside those who find themselves on a similar path—helping them to find joy in the face of shattered dreams, trust in times of great trial, and the ability to extend grace on very little sleep.

She happily gave up her career as a conference planner when her first son was born. She has since been a stay-at-home, homeschooling, foster, adoptive, and working mom. Now, she is a single mom to her 5 wonderful children, one in every stage of development—proving God has a sense of humor.

Sue's first book, Happily Ever After Just Exploded, provides comfort, encouragement, and practical information from a godly perspective to any Christian dealing with adultery and abandonment. She is now a regular columnist and blogger for print and online magazines and websites, including Family Life's MomLife Today, Flourish, and Fredericksburg Parent magazine. Her personal blog,, is for those who are learning to walk on water in the midst of life's storms. Sue's message isn't simply inspirational—it is filled with highly practical insights for all women on their journey of faith.