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Mark Norton

Mark Norton has served as Bible Development Director at Tyndale House Publishers for many years. For more than thirty-five years, Mark has participated in the development of Tyndale Bibles, including the Life Application Study Bible, the Student Life Application Study Bible, the NLT Study Bible, and the Life Recovery Bible, among many others. Mark served as Old Testament Coordinating Editor for the New Living Translation and is a member of the NLT Bible Translation Committee.

Mark has always loved hymns and spiritual songs because singing them triggers deep associations, powerful memories, and heartfelt reflections flowing from life-giving times of personal and community worship. Hymns often weave together words from Scripture, the life experiences of authors, and imagery from God's creation to inspire poetic praise of our Creator and lift up His saving work and attributes. These lyrics play together with the music, triggering memories of our experiences with God to support and deepen our present faith.

Our hymns and spiritual songs have arisen out of the movements and moments of Christian history and often give voice to everyday concerns—our need for God's loving presence, His call to a renewed life in God's Kingdom, and His power revealed in creation and redemption. Growing up on the mission field, it was the singing of hymns in choirs and worship that gave Mark a sense of connectedness to God and God's people, not just in a present place or moment but across all the boundaries of history and culture.

Mark is the father of four grown sons and lives with his wife, Michele, in Wheaton, Illinois. For a change of view, he enjoys woodworking, traveling, and getting outside to hike, bike, kayak, or volunteer at local forest preserves. He loves to listen for God's praise among the trees.