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Lisa Beamer

In the wake of the events of 9-11, with the eyes of the nation upon her, Lisa Beamer has become an enduring symbol of grace and courage in troubled times. She has generated major media interest, including appearances on Larry King Live, Good Morning America, Dateline NBC, 20/20, 60 Minutes, and Oprah. Selected by People magazine as one of the "25 Most Intriguing People of 2001," Lisa lives in New Jersey with three small children.

In her book, Let's Roll! Lisa reveals what really happened on the ill-fated flight, as well as poignant glimpses of a genuine American hero. She talks candidly about Todd's growing-up years, their marriage and last week together, and then family moments without him—the devastating day her children learned their daddy had died, how they celebrated his first birthday without him, the mix of grief and joy when she gave birth to their third child, and how she's found the confidence to go on in the face of such tragedy and loss.