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Lindsey Bonnice

Lindsey Bonnice is married to her high school sweetheart and is Mama to four beautiful children. Her family has been blessed by adoption, and she loves to share their journey whenever she has the chance. She lives on a miniature farm in the hills of northeastern Pennsylvania, where she's surrounded by cute, fluffy critters, in a home painted in pastels and filled with lots of joy and whimsy! Lindsey loves taking pictures of her kids and animals more than anything. She also enjoys decorating, eating chocolate and sweets, and snuggles with her kiddos. Lindsey has been a professional photographer for more than fifteen years and is the author of Libby and Pearl, a children's book showcasing her beautiful images. She has been featured in many magazines, online publications, TV shows, and more.

One of Lindsey's biggest passions is being a children's designer. In 2014, she created the whimsical boutique-style Live Sweet Shop, a beautiful online site with gifts for the young and young at heart. Lindsey creates the products in partnership with local women, providing them with secure jobs, and donates part of the sales proceeds to families going through the adoption process. She is also a business coach who loves creating online content and supporting women in business.