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Kendra Roehl

Kendra Roehl is described by her father as a "defender of the weak" and is always looking for those who fall through the gaps and are in need of help. Her natural inclination toward the hurting has segued first into a career as a clinical social worker, then as a foster and adoptive mom, and now as a writer and speaker. She believes wholeheartedly that loving God and others should shape all aspects of our lives, and she's certain that small acts of kindness can truly change the world.

Kendra writes and speaks regularly in her community and at her home church, and she volunteers as an advisor for Bridging the Gap, a Christian women's organization in Minnesota that offers godly support through resources, conferences, and leadership development. Kendra loves lazy evenings at home with her family, playing spirited card games with friends and neighbors, and dreaming about trips to take with her husband. You can find Kendra writing honestly about topics such as marriage, motherhood, foster care and adoption, and social justice on her blog at